Class (once per week)*             $40 per month 

Additional Classes                     $20 per month, each

Unlimited Pass                           $100 per month  (no discounts)
(take any/all classes)

Drop-in Classes                          $20 per class (no discounts)

Student Performance Fees     $5-$20 each performance               
 (depending on performance)          

Make Up Class                           $20 per hour (performers only)

Private Lessons**                    $25 per hour                                      
 ($20/hour-current DJSD students)


Private Class (1 hour)**            $75 per class or $15 per student  
                              (whichever is greater)                     

Performers**                               $200 per hour ($100 minimum)

Venmo DJSD

Fees are due by the last day of the month. Payments methods:

~ Venmo* Fvorboda Allen (@DesertJourney) – preferred
~ Paypal* (
~ Cash
~ Most major Credit Cards (fees apply)

*Please select no fee option.

Discount Programs

Refer a friend (or relative) who purchases a class and you each get a $5.00 
credit towards your next class!  (Please let Fvorboda know when you refer someone.)

Sign up with an immediate family member and the second person pays the “Additional Classes” price.  First student pays $40 and sign up an addition family member for $20.00. For example, sisters sign up together and pay $60 for one month of classes…you get to figure out how to split the discount.
(Applies to immediate family only: Mother-Daughter, siblings, etc.)

*The first Class is $40 per month.  Additional Classes are $20 per month each:
Two classes per week = $60.00 per month
Three classes per week = $80.00 per month
Four or more classes per week = $100 per month

**Additional fees may apply for travel outside the Salt Lake valley.