Welcome to the dark and dramatic world of Dragomi!

Dragomi was formed by Fvorboda in 2003, implementing non-traditional tribal and fusion movement with energy-fused music to create this unique style often referred to as “Gothic Belly Dance” or “Urban Tribal”. It all began in 2001 when Fvorboda started teaching in the fitness center at work. There, she taught Traditional Egyptian, Tribal, Cabaret, Folkloric and Fusion. Once the performing class ventured out into Fvorboda’s “Dragon” style, there was no turning back and Dragomi was formed.

With several of the original members of that original performing class, Dragomi has continued to hold true to its values of closeness as a group, fun activities that hold us together, and a group effort to bring forth the best of Dragomi. We are constantly pushing ourselves to new levels, thinking up new moves and challenging our bodies to do things we have only imagined in our heads. And with a “dragon” twist, we pull it all together to create the power and strength of Dragomi.